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The Willow Talk by AK: Pak needs better planning ahead of second of ODI

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pak needs better planning ahead of second of ODI

Akays tour diaries

What more can u expect after ur team bats second and scores 285. Nothing wrong with the batting. Cant blame Yousuf or Malik. I'm sure They tried their best to up the run-rate. But the other team is also there to play cricket! It was too much pressure and almost impossible to chase that target. What NZ did was a one-off thing. We lost the match during the first half with some terrible bowling and shoddy fielding. Those two factors combined we could have saved 40-50 runs. That in the end was the difference between winning and losing.

Also Inzamam will need to make a sensible decision about who they will cast as the supersub. The obvious choice at this point seems Yasir Arafat, so that can use him as either a bowler or batsman depending on whether they bat first or bowl first. Using Arshad as supersub was a decision that thoroughly lacked common-sense. Hopefully Pakistan will go in this match after having done some useful preparation.

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