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The Willow Talk by AK: Kaneria should be in ODI team

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kaneria should be in ODI team

Akays England Tour Diaries
December 2, 2005
He hasnt been tried enough for people to hop on the bandwagon and lable him as failure in ODIs. His main problem is at times, both in ODIs n tests, he doesnt know which line of attack is the best. Either he's bowling too many variations or is flighting too much is is too flat at times. He got that right on day 5 when he settled into balling a lot of legspinners. He similarly needs to settle down in ODIs. I cant help but say that when he knows what he wants from his bowling in limited overs cricket, he will be a regular in lineup. As for the imediate future, I have no doubt in my mind that he shd play, esp now that we can always use an extra bowler as a supersub. There is a gd chance that he might trouble England in the ODIs as well.

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Very well said.

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very very well said by adeel khan

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