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The Willow Talk by AK: Shoaib a changed man

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shoaib a changed man

Akays England Tour Diaries
Originally recorded on November 17, 2005

Anyone supporting shoaib in the past year for his attitude and performance was wrong. Because he dint do anything positive in that time period. Deserting a team in the middle of a test match was an obvious lack of commitment. As was taking cheap-shots at fellow players. Not listening to coach/captian comes in the same category. He was rightly criticized then. He was the most damaging influence in the team. Which is why his change in attitude has been all the more delightful. Overall though, great attitude by Shoaib this series. All credit to him for finally realizing the importance of playing as a team-player and keeping team ahead of oneself. The positive results are a testament to that. Inzy n Bob also deserve alot of credit for that. I think Shoaib has become a touch religious as well listening to his interview. I think that perhaps more then nething else has changed the man. Good stuff Shoaib!
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