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The Willow Talk by AK: Question marks on Shoaib's attitude in first ODI

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Question marks on Shoaib's attitude in first ODI

Akays tour diaries
I honestly did not see the game to comment on Akhter's attitude, but seeing so many people talk abt it there something must be wrong. I honestly thought that this guy has changed for good. And that showed in his bowling, batting and fielding. I hope this is a one-off thing, because he won't be able to last long in the team with such histronics.

Be a good team-man like he was in the tests, help out the youngsters and take it easy! If he does all that he will be appreciated here in every fan who is dedicated to teh cause of Pakistan cricket as a whole. If he doesnt, he will get bashed. He will get bashed by everyone except for his desperate lovers here! Fans certainly hope Shoaib's attitude in first ODI was a one-off thing.

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