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The Willow Talk by AK: On Hussey and the Black Caps

Sunday, December 11, 2005

On Hussey and the Black Caps

Micheal Hussey: Has obvious similarities with Bevan and is a bigger hitter of the ball then Bevan. Bevan did this for what, 200 odi's? lets see how far hussey can go. he sure looks like the heir apparent.

Black Caps: This is a brilliant New Zealand side. They've got some dynamite batsmen in their lineup. The fearless strokes they've played in the last 2 odi's speaks volumes about their attitude. This is certainly a very dangerous ODI team. I always respected their ODI strength but this present team is serious! The only knock on them is their bowling, like always they have too many similar kind of medium pacers. They need a couple fasties, like Shane Bond, who was unfortunately injured here. But overall they've been very impressive. 2 of the best run-chases you'd ever see.

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