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The Willow Talk by AK: ICC suffers backlash after Speed scolding

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ICC suffers backlash after Speed scolding

A day after ICC Chief Executive Malcolm Speed scolded Australia and South Africa of violating the spirit of the game by making brash statement against each other, Speed and the ICC has come under heavy fire of being incompetent and talk-heavy. Here are a few excerpts from influential names within international cricket circles:

"They do nothing about blokes chucking, they do nothing about all this other stuff, they are more worried about words, that is all they are, full of words the ICC. They always look like they are doing something but they do nothing. They are the biggest bullshitters in the world. What a waste of space." - Former Aussie paceman Jeff Thomson.
"They are putting the cart before the horse, they are almost saying there is going to be problems because of what has been written and said by players. Well, that is ridiculous. Let the game be for goodness' sake." - Jeff Thomson's former team-mate Terry Alderman
"I am amazed that the ICC sees fit to warn players, and even past players, in the media. If there are genuine concerns that players may offend the spirit of the game then this should be taken up with them directly and not in the form of a public lecture." - CEO of the South African Cricketers' Association Tony Irish.
"Cricket needs personalities in the game, there is no doubt about that. Characters add an air of excitement and individuality, which attracts and engages the public's interest." James Sutherland, Cricket Australia's chief executive.
"Players, particularly those in Zimbabwe, or those forced to play there, will find it difficult to fully accept Speed's call when the ICC has not seen the need to intervene, or been unable to investigate, serious allegations about the games administration." - Tim May, FICA's chief executive.

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