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The Willow Talk by AK: Akhter and Akmal shine through in triumph

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Akhter and Akmal shine through in triumph

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Pakistan won the second one-dayer in Lahore on the back of two match-winning performances. One by a rejuvenated maverick and the other by a fast-developing allrounder. Shoaib completed his first ODI fiver in over a year and Akmal scored his second limited-overs century in a show totally dominated by Pakistan.

Detailed match analysis and stats can be left to large media outlets. So, lets cut to the chase and discuss some specifics related to the game:
  • Inzamam's unwillingness to finish off England's resistance by not continuing with Shoaib or the other fast bowlers was appalling. In contrast, he persisted with spinners and allowed English lower order bats to bring some respectability to their total. Inzamam's performance as captain once again highlighted his presence of mind on the field.
  • Shoaib was having trouble with his right calf muscles. The determination and grit shown by him during the current tour is in complete contrast to his histronics in the past. One hopes he continues this positive trend for the rest of his career.
  • Rana Naved continues to be expensive yet tricky. He needs to find his line and length more consistently because right now he's giving England alot of free runs down the leg-side. Having said that, his contribution was vital to Pakistan's win.
  • Akmal played brilliantly well and showed immense grit, determination and commitment to the team cause. He's been floated around at various positions in the batting order but has courageously excepted batting at any position. His showing Monday evening also means he'll enjoy the top batting slot for the entire series.

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