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The Willow Talk by AK: No love lost between Australia and South Africa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

No love lost between Australia and South Africa

The Australian cricket team, in typical Australian tradition, have fired back at Grame Smith after he said that the Australia middle order was weak. The reaction has been a bit of an over-reaction, but not to the surprise of many. Hear are a few snippets of certain comments made by players and ex-players from both nations:

"Your guys looked totally lost against the spinner Beau Casson. He is just a baby learning the art of spin bowling. The Aussies can use three spinners here against you. The bowling attack does not look too bad. The weakest link in the bowling attack is Shaun Pollock. He bowls without any speed and I don't believe he will worry the Aussies too much." Terry Alderman, former Australian fast bowler.

"Australia's top three batsmen are their strength, so being able to knock them over is important. That exposes their middle order, which has experienced pressure in domestic cricket but maybe not in Tests. If we get things right, we will be putting Adam Gilchrist under pressure at No.7 too." Grame Smith, South African captain.

"I hope it will be quick - that will turn me on. I enjoy pace. I'm feeling pretty well balanced at the crease; I need a bit of luck and then there will be a century on the board." A. B. de Villiers, South African opener.

"They might need one by the time we've finished with them," Shane Warne on South Africa's plan to fly in a psychologist from back home.

"As usual, the South Africans have had a bit too much to say, they should worry about their own backyard, get it in order first," Shane Warne again.

"[Smith] can handle himself fine, but my concern is for the rest of the team. If his aim was to provoke the Aussies then he's done that. I can understand what Graeme was trying to do ... I just hope everyone else is behind him." Allan Donald, ex-South African pacer.

With no love lost between the two teams, the bantering does not look like it will end anytime soon. More to follow...

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