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The Willow Talk by AK: January 22, 2006

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Runs galore in another grinding draw

My second article for PointCricket is published. Go to for my review of the second test match.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The brilliant National Stadium in Karachi, venue for the third and final test match between Pakistan and India. Posted by Picasa

Condolences to Malik and family

Heart felt condolence to Shoaib Mallik and his family . May the Almighty Allah give strength to Shoaib Mallick and his family to bear this loss .

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Karachi back in business

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On the eve of the first test in Karachi in a long, long time, let’s re-visit an older article (. My article on Karachi called “Karachi back in business” was published @ Click the link to check it out if you haven’t read it before.

Younis murders Indian bowling once again, in Faisalabad. (c) AFP Posted by Picasa

Dhoni builds on his reputation as a big-hitting keeper. (c) AFP Posted by Picasa

Afridi smashing a career-best 156. He went from 50 to 150 in only 62 balls. (c) AFP  Posted by Picasa

Asif living by his reputation

Asif bowls a strict line/length and i am quite surprised by that since this is only his 2nd game. Brings the bowl in nicely and could be quite a handful in England. I think he is still working on the ball that shapes away. He bowled a few that straightened or moved away but I think he'll get that with time. Ovreall a good prospect. As for his pace, on grassier pitches he shd touch 140K's on ore then one occasion. For the few who have criticized him, sorry to say, but you weren't watching the game everyone else was!

RP as man of the match?

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RP as man of the match was a joke of a decision. I couldn't believe myself. The 4 wkts he got were all gifts. He was just abt average in the 1st innings, throwing it all over the place. Was better in the 2nd though. Perhaps Arun n Shiva were the judges. Zaheer has been by far the best Indian bowler on tour. Danish also got 3 wkts and certianly was way better then RP Singh. Just a retarded decision this. Younis shd have been the obvious choice.

On both captains being hauled in by the Ref

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Thats bull-crap. Happens all the time in intl cricket. As far as you dont abuse opposition's players its all good. The ref is just trying to show off his authority. How much do u wanna bet that would've stayed mute if it was shane warne instead of afridi. BTW pathan is a girl! I thought he was big enough to reply to it on his own rather then whining about it.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another run-mania follows...

This time Faisalabad witnessed a run mania as Pakistan piled up almost 600 runs, with centuries to Afridi and Inzamam. India look good as well with 440 odd, for them Dravid and Dhoni have followed with centuries. Its a shame that the pitches have nothing in them for the bowlers because there certainly are some great bowlers in both teams. I'm not sure if many of us would like to remember these first two tests too fondly. The PCB's got to look strongly into making any possible changes in its pitch-making staff across Pakistan.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

To throw, or not to throw? Muralitharan in action against South Africa.
(c) Getty Images
Stunning isn't it. The Adelaide Oval in a game between Australia and South Africa. (Copyright unknown)

Malik as a long-term opener

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He curbed is big hitting natural instincts which is y he succeeded in the one-down role in odi's. An opener needs similar attributes to that of a one-drop batsmen to succeed at intl level, both in tests n odi's. Let's hope he can do that more consistently in the test arena.

On Abdul Razzaq's inclusion...

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Abdul Razzaq has played alot of games, and he hasn't done enough to show that he desreves a place in the present test side, especially after the emergence of afridi. y he's in the team is obvious to me, n its annoying. if rana was injured, another frontline bowler [read: umar gul] shd have played. simple.

Sami and abdul razzaq are two of the most fortunate pakistani test cricketers ever. since the last couple of seasons, i have been of the opinion that both dont deserve a place in the test squad, let alone the final 11. still both of them end up playing somehow. boggles my mind.